Laser is fully committed to playing an active part in furthering the objectives of South Africa’s transformation agenda and continually assesses ways to improve its contribution.

Laser is majority black owned at >51% comprising the shareholding of PAPE Fund Managers, a level-1 BEE rated shareholder, alongside black participation in a Laser management consortium. Our customers in all of Laser’s businesses benefit from the flow-through effect of this black ownership.

Laser spends in excess of R3.2million per annum on corporate social responsibility and enterprise development programs aimed at benefiting previously disadvantaged people.

Laser offers formal development, training, skills transfer, upliftment practices, and supports and funds external education, development and accelerated learning programs – spending in excess of R10.4millon per annum. Laser recognises the value of diversity and will continue to develop and empower its people at every level in the organisation.

Download our latest BEE Certificates here:

Dawn Wing a Division of DPD Laser Express Logistics – BBBEE CertificateGAC Laser International Logistics (Pty) Ltd – BBBEE CertificateGAC Laser Specialised Logistics (Pty) Ltd – BBBEE CertificateLaser Logistics (Pty) Ltd – BBBEE CertificateTime Freight, A Division of DPD Laser Express Logistics (Pty) Ltd – BBBEE Certificate