Time Freight Goes Green

December 3, 2013

The Wildlands Conservation Trust, one of South Africa¹s leading environmental organisations, is committed to ³greening² South Africa¹s socio-economic sphere.

Based on the premise that human well-being is dependent on environmental health, Wildlands has joined hands with individuals and organisations from rural communities to raise awareness and create methods to enable them to develop, strengthen and sustain their ecosystems.

In keeping with its vision, ³a sustainable future for all², Wildlands has recognized the unique opportunity to create and grow a ³green economy², through the creation of ³green jobs². This essentially entails teaching individuals and groups who are unable to participate in the mainstream conventional economy ³green skills². These skills vary from growing vegetables and trees, to collecting recyclable material. These are then bartered for livelihood goods such as building materials, bicycles, solar panels and rain water harvesting tanks.

Time Freight, one of South Africa¹s leading courier company¹s has made it possible for this bartering exchange to take place.

Time Freight is committed to a culture of Corporate Social Responsibility, which ensures that its employees are involved in creating a meaningful change at a community level.

Through providing a free freight service to both the green entrepreneurs, who collect waste for recycling, and food entrepreneurs ­ affectionately dubbed ³green-preneurs² and ³food-preneurs² ­ products are transported from the communities involved, to the point of exchange. Here, seeds, fruits, vegetables and recycling material are exchanged for much-needed items such as seeds for vegetable gardening, hardware, bicycles, etc.

Since the project¹s inception in 2010, Time Freight have donated two four-ton Dyna trucks to collect recycling from 1600 homes in and around Pietermaritzburg.

³Time Freight aims to play an integral role in assisting the Wildlands Conservation Trust in 2014. We are planning to donate more vehicles and further assist the recycling project with transportation,² said Etienne Van Ravesteyn, CEO of Time Freight.

According to Van Ravesteyn, in the past year, the company has provided transport to the value of just over R400 000.

Apart from providing collections & deliveries of door-to-door documents and parcels for the Trust, in 2013 Time Freight has transported over 2500 bicycles to Empangeni, Richards Bay, Durban and Johannesburg.

³Since 2011 Time Freight have been a loyal partner to Wildlands,² said Dr Andrew Venter, Wildlands¹ CEO. ³Not only have they assisted us with day to day courier services and the transporting of bicycles changing the lives of community members countrywide, they have also donated vehicles without which we would not be able to run huge recycling operations.²

“They make the running of the largest environmental NPO that much easier. We are truly grateful for donors such as Time Freight who are always asking ³how can we help?²

In addition to its ³green² contribution to the Wildlands Conservation Trust, Time Freight is making a concerted effort to create a ³green² work environment. The company is currently in the process of replacing all its diesel forklifts with electric forklifts in an attempt to reduce its carbon footprint.

Two independent business entities have been appointed by Time Freight, to evaluate electricity & water consumption at all its major depots.

Van Ravesteyn explains that this is a cost-saving method in line with the national effort of saving energy, and that the company may need to invest in some energy-saving and other recycling devices.

³We generate and utilise a large number of paper daily, and we have our own in-house paper recycling processes,² he added.