GAC Laser works with Vestas to deliver sustainable energy

October 7, 2013

In a contract with leading international wind-energy company Vestas, GAC Laser has played a significant role in importing huge components that are required to build a new wind farm in Hopfield on the Cape’s West Coast. Three charter vessels delivered large custom-engineered towers, blades and cells that form the core components of wind-energy generators.

Vestas is the largest supplier of wind energy in South Africa and plans are in the pipeline for several further installations around the country. South Africa plans to add 3725 megawatts of renewable capacity by the end of 2013, and another 3200 megawatts by the end of the decade.

Projects of this scale require the co-ordination of a number of different teams across several disciplines, customs, transport, craneage and installation, and in this case GAC Laser dealt with the numerous issues around customs and clearing to ensure that all operations ran smoothly and according to schedule.