Wildlands has a simple vision: a sustainable future for all. Based on the premise that human well-being is dependant on environmental health, Wildlands partners with rural communities to develop tools to enable them to develop and strengthen their ecosystems.

Through their 4 main programs: Green-preneurship, Restoration, Stewardship and Ubuntu-Earth, individuals who are unable to participate in conventional economic activities participate in community development and the green economy. Women (the traditional farmers) are taught to grow vegetables and indigenous trees which they can then barter for livelihood goods such as building materials, bicycles, solar panels and rain water harvesting tanks.

Communities have come to depend on these systems for their livelihood and Time Freight has stepped in every year to meet some of the needs of this incredible organisation. Initially it was delivering agriculture packs, then sponsoring vehicles and more recently transporting freight.

Laser is extremely aware of the environmental issues facing our country and we are pleased to be able to play an active role in promoting sustainability together with building communities.