Laser was a proud supporter of the 2010 Soccer World Cup in South Africa and we have continued that legacy with a commitment to the Street Soccer program.

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We saw first hand that there is nothing quite like sport to pull a community together and Sporting Chance uses game the of soccer to teach life skills to children who need it most, where they need it most. The communities within the 40 participating regions are hampered by poverty and crime: they lack adequate, safe facilities and stimulating after-school and weekend activities.

This large-scale national programme of round robin soccer games requires a solid team on the ground to run it – and Dawn Wing is proud to be the Kia Street Soccer logistics partner across five provinces, ensuring that goalposts, sports equipment and clothing reach all the matches.

Through this programme, 6000 children each year are empowered and exposed to a brighter future through the valuable lessons of sport. They are learning that through hard work and clean living, dreams can come true.