South Africa’s rhinos are facing extinction unless there is significant human intervention to keep this ancient, iconic and beautiful animal alive for generations to come.

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Since 2008 the number of rhinos poached annually has escalated to dangerous proportions and threatens the survival of the rhino population. Globally, the rhino population has decreased by 90% in the past 30 years and most of the remaining rhino are in southern Africa.

Dawn Wing is a proud supporter of the Pilanesberg Wildlife Trust that has initiated an extensive rhino protection project in the Pilanesberg National Park in the North West Province. This project focuses on equipping and training field rangers, and tracking and ‘notching’ rhinos. The notching process involves cutting unique and clearly visible notches into the rhino’s ear so ground monitors can easily identify the animals. General data collection and a DNA database are central to evidence against poachers and prevention strategies.

Dawn Wing has chosen to contribute significantly to these anti-poaching initiatives that protect these magnificent animals that are part of our national heritage.