Laser has a long history of community involvement, but we rarely step back and look at what we are doing across all our businesses.

Laser is involved with a number of key community projects on an on-going basis, but has also been involved in several other projects on a less formal basis as needs have has arisen. Our focus has been primarily on promoting sport and education among children, followed by environmental projects.

It is inspiring to see our staff using their initiative and getting involved in other worthy causes by donating their time and skills. There has been support for charities such as local children’s soccer teams, Cancer Shaveathon, Casual Day and the Rhi-nose Project. Over the years we have seen year-end parties have been hosted for underprivileged children, food donations have been collected for animal shelters and much needed supplies have been delivered to children’s homes.

Laser remains committed to good corporate citizenship and to entrenching a culture of social responsibility among our employees. We are extremely proud of our staff – both for what they have helped us to achieve and for what many of them have achieved in their own communities in their own right.