Meet Our Exceptional Team

Nicholus Motlaleng

Forklift Driver - Johannesburg - Laser Logistics

Nic, you have received the following outstanding customer feedback:

“Common sense may sound like something that is common, but unfortunately it is not.
In the lead up to December last year I noticed that Nic, on a number of occasions, was proactively organising the warehouse in a manner that made logical sense without instruction or prompting and was applying absolute common sense in how he was doing it.

My respect for his ability was further validated, when on 2 occasions (that I noted) he worked after hours to assist in loading bicycles into a vehicle in the evening. I noticed as he took every load to the vehicle he did an additional QC check on our side decals (stickers) and was isolating products that were not compliant. He then proactively retrieved additional decals and assisted in repairing the packaging prior to loading the consignment into the vehicle. He did this quietly in a humble manner, and made an invaluable contribution to the success of the delivery.”
(Sean Roberts, Evolution Group CFO)

Outstanding feedback Nic, congratulations and thank you.

Zama Zondi
HR Manager
Laser Logistics