Meet Our Exceptional Team

Maggie De Koker

Executive CSD Agent - Johannesburg - Dawn Wing

Maggie, you have received the following outstanding customer feedback:

“As luck would have it I found myself connected to Maggie and what a pleasure it has been.  Maggie is a good listener – and I guess that can be hard work sometimes in client services.

She gives the impression of always being positive and pleasant with that “can do” attitude.  Her attitude sure has the ability to stop the client/me from getting negative or unpleasant and through her general manner enhances the experience of handling queries and doing whatever is required to fix the problem in hand.…just simply wanted to say a big thank you to Maggie for the support.”

How wonderful to get feedback like this from a customer. Exceptional job Maggie.  Thank you for your dedication and wonderful attitude towards our customers.

Adel Butterworth
CSD Manager
Dawn Wing