Meet Our Exceptional Team

Len Swanepoel

Branch Manager: Distribution - Cape Town - Laser Logistics

Thank you Len for going the extra mile.

Len arranged a pamper day for all the female staff as a thank you for all our hard work and an evening out for the guys.

He resolves matters to such a level that the staff feel uplifted and motivated – he doesn’t just reprimand he teaches and guides as well.  Len is available 24/7, his phone is never off.  He is always on top of his game, always aware of what is happening in the branch and provides assistance when required irrespective of the time.  He always smiles no matter how tough the day is – sometimes you can see he is taking strain and his day is difficult, but he will never say he is too busy, he always makes himself available and takes time to listen, which is nice.

So thank you Len, you are an amazing Branch Manager.

Jonette Pritchard
Laser Logistics