Meet Our Exceptional Team

Laeekqah Rasool

Zando In-House Controller - Cape Town - Dawn Wing

Super Star!!

You are an exceptional example of what real commitment and dedication to your work is all about. I cannot THANK YOU enough from my side on your commitment and hard work to Zando. It is a proud moment to receive feedback like this from our customers.

“I was told earlier today, that due to issues we’ve been experiencing with connectivity in our warehouse, Laeekqah could not process all the orders last night.

As it’s also SALE time, more volumes than usual were given to Laeekqah.

So, she took it upon herself last night, to load her PC into the truck, went to your warehouse, and kept on processing until 23h00 last night, just to ensure our shipments leave CPT.

This goes far and beyond going that extra mile; her commitment to Zando and Dawn Wing, is phenomenal!

She really is an asset to Dawn Wing!”
(Jacques Fouche – Outbound Logistics Manager, Zando)

Chantelle Wessels-Steele
Key Accounts Manager
Dawn Wing