Meet Our Exceptional Team

Candice Williams

Day Shift Operations Manager - Cape Town - Time Freight

Congratulations Candice, you have received the following outstanding customer feedback:

“Once again Candice has exceeded our expectations for the year and has more than met our requirements as a service provider representative.

She is quick to the draw and assists me regardless of her being in the office or at home. My personal and company view is that she is very efficient in managing crisis situations and has never dropped a ball once. I think it’s also the first year that we didn’t need to claim for high losses and have had minimum stock in transit pilfering incidents.

Candice follows up every query and responds to every message and has managed to trace and deliver every missing box in transit. I rely heavily on her to ensure timely delivery of one of my major clients orders and can safely say that once I’ve left a situation in her hands, I can trust that my commitments to my clients will be met and mostly exceeded.

A very BIG THANK YOU, from all of us at Vic Bay Cape Town.”
(Malcolm Campbell, General Manager of Vicbay)

Great effort – well done and thank you Candice.

Freddy van de Bank
Operational Executive
Time Freight