Meet Our Exceptional Team

Amos Vanqa, Julius Kwenaite and Dennis Sithole

Code 14 Drivers - Johannesburg - Laser Logistics

These drivers truly are the powertrain of our company.

In my role as Laser Logistics Night Shift Manager, I constantly have my finger on the pulse with our day-to-day operations, and not a day goes by that I don’t I hear from customers, our operations associates and the motoring public about how safe and professional Laser Logistics drivers are.

Of course we take pride in the driver training, equipment and resources we provide, but you’re ultimately the captain of your ship.

Your decisions on the road are the most visible representation of our core values: safety, integrity, respect and excellence. I’m proud to come to work every day to support a family of drivers that embodies those values.

I thank you for the effort you put towards the amount of work on July month end volumes. You have displayed excellence by working throughout the whole night collecting and placing containers.

Well done and a BIG THANK YOU FROM ME.

Meshack Khakhu
Night Shift Manager
Laser Logistics